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About Us

About us

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) is a national leader in the fight for safe, healthy working conditions.  Founded in 2004, National COSH works to ensure that all workers can earn their living with dignity and respect and return home alive and well at the end of their shift.

Our network

National COSH engages and impacts workers in communities across the country through a network of 23 state and local non-profit COSH groups (Coalitions/committees on Occupational Safety and Health).  First established in 1972, COSH groups unite workers with labor, community, legal and health allies to win decent, just working conditions and build a powerful movement encompassing racial, economic and environmental justice.  If you don't see a COSH group in your area and you think you might want to start one, click here.

We expand our reach and impact through the Protecting Workers Alliance (PWA), a national network of over 2,000 labor, community, and public health trainers, organizers, and researchers.  National COSH convenes, builds capacity and promotes collaboration of this diverse network to advance efforts to improve conditions in workplaces, across industries and in public policies.

Our capacity is dramatically bolstered by COSH Advisors, a network of volunteer occupational health and safety technical, research, training and organizing experts.  COSH Advisors provide technical assistance, training, writing, policy and research analysis support to enhance the work of our network.

Our vision

Every worker has the right to earn a living in a workplace where they are safe, healthy and treated with respect and dignity. Only through collective action backed by strong legal protections can workers achieve their right to safety and justice.   We believe that by uniting workers with allies across race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and age, we can build a powerful movement, strengthen worker power, and improve conditions for all workers.

Our work

With our national network of local affiliates and partners, we achieve our mission by:

  • Training workers to strengthen their knowledge and leadership skills on health and safety, organizing and advocacy in multiple languages.
  • Advocating for better enforcement of existing health and safety laws and fighting for new protections for workers.
  • Promoting a national agenda to improve immigrant worker safety and health.
  • Advocating for just compensation for injured workers.

Contact a local COSH group in your area for more information about specific programs available near you.