Building Worker Committees

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The National COSH Network is leading the way in building power for workers and ensuring safety and justice through strong, effective health and safety committees.

National COSH’s NEW Health and Safety Committee Guide along with training and technical assistance are powering workers and worker-based organizations with critical tools to:

  • Educate about different types of health and safety committees;
  • Understand the steps needed to create effective committees; and
  • Techniques to ensure that workers have a meaningful voice, assert their concerns and achieve meaningful changes.

Across the country, worker leaders and COSH groups are fighting for and winning the right to create health and safety committees and achieve power and improvements in the workplace:

After winning a groundbreaking ordinance allowing workers to create public health councils in Los Angeles County, CaliforniaSoCalCOSH and partners are training and supporting workers to create worker-led councils to identify and address dangers at work.

Following the historic passage of the HEROES Act, New York’s COSH groups are spearheading the enactment of a key provision: requiring employers to establish labor-management health and safety committees, developing training and technical assistance resources to establish committees across the state.

Meanwhile, across the country, COSH worker centers are fostering worker-led committees such as: