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Troubling stories in mine safety

Miners heading home - Photo by Earl DotterWe had written earlier this year about a spate of miner deaths, especially in West Virginia.

Some good news in the midst of the government shutdown

In a week that brought us the government shutdown, stalled OSHA inspections, a lockdown on Capitol Hill (okay, and a wedding on the Colbert Report), we are thrilled to round out the week with some good news.

Safety of all workers - not just furloughed employees - affected by government shutdown

After weeks of foreboding countdowns to a possible government shutdown, Congress failed to compromise on a budget deal last night, closing government doors to approximately 800,000 federal employees and the public.

As if the furloughs affecting those 800,000 federal employees or the required work without pay for “essential” personnel weren’t bad enough, workers nationwide have another reason to be enraged by the government shutdown.

Jersey City wins paid sick days, better protection for workers

Guest Blog By Yarrow Willman-Cole, New Jersey Time to Care Coalition

 Adding to the growing number of cities and states that ensure working people are able to take time off when they are sick, the Jersey City Council voted 7-1 to pass the Earned Sick Time Ordinance on September 25, 2013. Jersey City becomes the sixth city in the country to adopt such a law and the first in New Jersey.

Justify your attendance at the National Worker Safety and Health Conference

Getting approval to attend and expense a conference can be difficult, so we want to help make your pitch easier. Here are the top reasons you should plan to attend the 2013 National Worker Safety and Health Conference this December and the deliverables you can expect to get out of it.

Pennsylvania teenager's death could have been prevented if Obama administration didn't cave to industry pressure

A 17-year-old boy in Lebanon County, Pa. was killed on Wednesday while helping a neighbor harvest corn. 

Police said the teenager was working on a piece of farm equipment when his leg became entangled in a corn bail that was being automatically fed through the machine. The boy was pulled into the machine and killed.

Even more tragic than the incident itself is the fact that it could have been prevented.

Big Business doesn't like new wage and hour protections for domestic workers. We aren't surprised.

Wait – Big Business doesn’t like domestic workers’ new wage and hour protections? Color us surprised! Not.

As expected, the Obama administration’s move to extend minimum wage and overtime pay to nearly 2 million in-home health aides is facing a backlash from businesses, the Hill’s Ben Goad reports.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand urges regulatory czar to 'revisit' proposed Poultry Rule

Chicken Hanging Line Photo by Earl DotterIn the wake of a government audit released last week finding that the USDA’s data supporting its proposed Poultry Rule was “incomplete and antiquated,” Sen.