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COVID-19 Worker Fatalities Social Media Toolkit

Graphics for social media:



Sample Facebook posts:

Do you know an essential worker who has died after exposure to COVID-19?  National COSH needs your help documenting this tragedy https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities #EssentialLivesLost

Are you organizing for worker protection and need information about what happens when workers are *not* protected? Visit the National COSH COVID-19 Essential Worker Fatality database, and search by state/city, industry, and age https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities #EssentialLivesLost

No public agency is documenting the deaths of people who contracted COVID-19 at work. Help National COSH document this tragedy https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities #EssentialLivesLost

Honor the dead, fight like hell for the living! Help National COSH document the fatal consequence of unsafe workplaces across the US https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities #EssentialLivesLost


Sample Tweets:

Because no public agency is doing it, @NationalCOSH is compiling a list of workers who died after exposure to #COVID19 -- and needs your help https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities #EssentialLivesLost

One way to show you care: help @NationalCOSH create a list of workers who died after exposure to #COVID19 https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities #EssentialLivesLost

Has someone you worked with died of #COVID19?  Let @NationalCOSH know https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities #EssentialLivesLost

Workplace #COVID19 deaths are occupational illnesses just like black lung or mesothelioma. These workers deserve to be counted https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities #EssentialLivesLost