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COVID-19 Worker Fatalities

National COSH is documenting fatalities of workers who have died after exposure to COVID-19.  It’s up to our grassroots movement to acknowledge and record these deaths, because no public agency is doing so.  Our intention is to honor the lives of these workers, better understand the size of this tragedy, and advocate for all workers who are still surviving the pandemic.

We need everyone's participation. Please access our social media toolkit and share with your connections.

If you have information about a family member, friend or co-worker who died from COVID-19 please use this form to document their passing.

Click here to access the current database. Feel free to use it to do research about workers by state, industry, age and more. Please cite the database as:

National COSH. “COVID-19 Fatalities among essential workers in the US - Publicly Reported.” Published on April 3, 2020. Searched on [insert date] https://nationalcosh.org/COVID-19_Fatalities.


We have made these graphics to honor a few of the thousands workers who have died - and to offer faces to this tragedy: